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2016-02-01 21:03:14 by ShadowCM

So my last post lied, I'm now working on animatics/animation. Yay :3

Got myself a drawing tablet

2016-01-31 23:04:24 by ShadowCM

In short, might end up uploading some content here, most likely just art though, nothing with animation yet.

Man this account is old. I'll probably forget about it again in less than a week and not come back for a few years.

That is all :3

Hello All

2012-10-28 23:27:18 by ShadowCM

After over a whole year of inactivity, I've decided to return to this place, Although I'm not too impressed considering all that is left is mostly perverted stuff, but since my dial-up won't let me submit art, I'm desiding to be active on the NG forums instead.

Also to all interested I am a very active member of the SRB2 community in which I'm a begginer map editor, working my way to intermediate status.
SRB2 Main:
SRB2 Message Board:
SRB2 Skybase Forum:

Hello All

I'm Back... for now

2011-07-05 23:23:44 by ShadowCM

After Ignoring this account and basically ditching it I've finally decided to attempt to work with it again for the summer or more. I'm hoping to get around to sorting my pictures and submiting them. They are all hand drawn because I suck a computer drawing. But I hope to get them out soon, the good ones that is. Below I have one of my random pictures I made out of boredom enjoy.

7/9/11 Update: I tried to upload pictures but I got an error screen after pressing submit(I have an AOL dial up connection), any suggestions?

I'm Back... for now

Getting one thing strait

2010-10-14 23:49:45 by ShadowCM

I've recently noticed that there are alot of people on diffrent websites with the exact same name as my username. Noticing that, from now on to tell if it's really me or rather it's some other person, I will have my skull symbol, shown below, some where on my profile, it may chnge and improve from time to time but it will symbolize me and me alone

And remember... MEOW!!!

Getting one thing strait

Hi everyone

2010-09-13 20:30:53 by ShadowCM

Just a random hi news update
it's very important so don't forget it and don't forget to comment


2010-08-10 12:54:09 by ShadowCM

I have homebrew for wii and I'm attempting to use a GCT but it won't work with any of my games it just loads the game without cheats what's going on?

Note: I'm using game cube discs and many diffrent types of ways to make GCT's.



2010-05-26 21:44:36 by ShadowCM

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Thanks for listining to this extremely important message


2010-05-08 01:07:03 by ShadowCM

I,m incredibly bored so I'm looking for ideas of what to do around newgrounds.
Any sugestios are welcome.
Update: 5/22/10
Still bored
also today is PAC-MAN's B-day